Computer Room Facelift

2024-04-15 | #Computers #Desks #Home Projects

In-between dorking around with 10Gbit home networking, I did a real home project. Michele’s business has grown enough that we can justify her moving out of the house and into her own place of business. This takes a chunk of income away, but, the idea is that we don’t have to have people come into our home to work. Also, if we have to leave, her business can continue to operate.

Games of 2023

2024-02-17 | #Games #Reviews #2023

2023 was an incredible year for gaming. I sort of made a top 5, and then had to expand it to a top 10 but I’m thinking of just scratching it. If this had been any other year, my top 5 games I played would have clearly been a number 1. So, I’m going to list my favorites by alphabetical order, and the rest chronologically in the order I played them.

Freebsd Virtualization With Bhyve

2023-12-11 | #FreeBSD #Virtualization

When I rebuilt my home server, I mentioned that I wanted to use FreeBSD’s native hypervisor, B-Hyve. I have wanted to do this for about… 11 years? When I was at Bay Photo Lab, running Xen and Convirture I wrote blog post about it. At a BSDCon Michael Dexter was asking around about me/that post because I mentioned that I wished I could have used bhyve since I prefer the stable nature of FreeBSD.


2023-11-13 | #Animals #Obituary

I guess I’m doing this again. What does a dog mean to you? In your home, life, or maybe just on the peripheral. What is your experience with a dog? Mine has always been a source of love. As a kid I knew no matter what, a dog would love me. If my parents were on the warpath, I had a dog. If I got bad grades, I had a dog.

2023 Weight Progress


Back in the beginning of the year, I said: I have a habit of “eating through my lifts” as in, I just eat more until I make progress. I have no idea if this is inefficient or not, but I can control what foods I eat (mostly). So, with this progress, there was a cost. My pants size. And shirts. XXL shirts are starting to stretch. So I should probably follow up celebrating my increased bench press with 2023 being a cut back year.

Epyc Server Build

2023-07-19 | #FreeBSD #Geekyness #Hardware #Redfish

It started with a message at work. We have a #homelab channel, and I should know better as it seems like every discussion there results in me getting something. Well, now I have a new processor. I had not even finished drinking my morning coffee that day, which is probably why I found myself in this position. 7551 The Epyc line of processors are insane for the amount of I/O you get.

Certificate Info in Go

2023-07-14 | #golang #software development

Sometimes I write a utility just for the sake of learning something new. This particular code was about wait groups in Golang We have a tool that inspects the TLS/SSL Certificate on a web server, I wanted to write my own clean room implementation that used wait groups. Lets take a look at using the crypto/tls module to spit out some details I want: package main import ( "crypto/tls" "crypto/x509/pkix" "fmt" "net" ) TLSHost struct { FQDN string `json:"fqdn"` Port int `json:"port"` DNSNames []string `json:"dns_names,omitempty"` SNI string `json:"sni,omitempty"` Version string `json:"version"` Issuer pkix.

Recent Books

2023-06-19 | #Books

I Love Reading Not for work or education. That’s for nerds. I really love reading in the evening, during travel, while camping, at the in-laws, in the bathroom… I love reading for fun, and I mostly read horror. A lot. Not a healthy amount but the “why are you so anxious?” amount. Admittedly, I even like when I read before bedtime and I have a nightmare. It really makes you feel alive.

Keeb Sinc Keyboard

2023-06-05 | #Geekyness #Mechanical Keyboard

Building a new keyboard requires an immense amount of justification. Because you can only use one at a time, and they are not cheap. My first keyboard build was fun, but, I had two things I disliked. First, the height of the chassis was uncomfortable. Second, I did not really LOVE the brown switches after months of use. Third and final, the last act of Red Dead Redemption 2 broke my spacebar switch.