Games of 2023

2024-02-17 | #Games #Reviews #2023

2023 was an incredible year for gaming. I sort of made a top 5, and then had to expand it to a top 10 but I’m thinking of just scratching it. If this had been any other year, my top 5 games I played would have clearly been a number 1. So, I’m going to list my favorites by alphabetical order, and the rest chronologically in the order I played them.

Freebsd Virtualization With Bhyve

2023-12-11 | #FreeBSD #Virtualization

When I rebuilt my home server, I mentioned that I wanted to use FreeBSD’s native hypervisor, B-Hyve. I have wanted to do this for about… 11 years? When I was at Bay Photo Lab, running Xen and Convirture I wrote blog post about it. At a BSDCon Michael Dexter was asking around about me/that post because I mentioned that I wished I could have used bhyve since I prefer the stable nature of FreeBSD.


2023-11-13 | #Animals #Obituary

I guess I’m doing this again. What does a dog mean to you? In your home, life, or maybe just on the peripheral. What is your experience with a dog? Mine has always been a source of love. As a kid I knew no matter what, a dog would love me. If my parents were on the warpath, I had a dog. If I got bad grades, I had a dog.

2023 Weight Progress


Back in the beginning of the year, I said: I have a habit of “eating through my lifts” as in, I just eat more until I make progress. I have no idea if this is inefficient or not, but I can control what foods I eat (mostly). So, with this progress, there was a cost. My pants size. And shirts. XXL shirts are starting to stretch. So I should probably follow up celebrating my increased bench press with 2023 being a cut back year.

Epyc Server Build

2023-07-19 | #FreeBSD #Geekyness #Hardware #Redfish

It started with a message at work. We have a #homelab channel, and I should know better as it seems like every discussion there results in me getting something. Well, now I have a new processor. I had not even finished drinking my morning coffee that day, which is probably why I found myself in this position. 7551 The Epyc line of processors are insane for the amount of I/O you get.

Certificate Info in Go

2023-07-14 | #golang #software development

Sometimes I write a utility just for the sake of learning something new. This particular code was about wait groups in Golang We have a tool that inspects the TLS/SSL Certificate on a web server, I wanted to write my own clean room implementation that used wait groups. Lets take a look at using the crypto/tls module to spit out some details I want: package main import ( "crypto/tls" "crypto/x509/pkix" "fmt" "net" ) TLSHost struct { FQDN string `json:"fqdn"` Port int `json:"port"` DNSNames []string `json:"dns_names,omitempty"` SNI string `json:"sni,omitempty"` Version string `json:"version"` Issuer pkix.

Recent Books

2023-06-19 | #Books

I Love Reading Not for work or education. That’s for nerds. I really love reading in the evening, during travel, while camping, at the in-laws, in the bathroom… I love reading for fun, and I mostly read horror. A lot. Not a healthy amount but the “why are you so anxious?” amount. Admittedly, I even like when I read before bedtime and I have a nightmare. It really makes you feel alive.

Keeb Sinc Keyboard

2023-06-05 | #Geekyness #Mechanical Keyboard

Building a new keyboard requires an immense amount of justification. Because you can only use one at a time, and they are not cheap. My first keyboard build was fun, but, I had two things I disliked. First, the height of the chassis was uncomfortable. Second, I did not really LOVE the brown switches after months of use. Third and final, the last act of Red Dead Redemption 2 broke my spacebar switch.

Site Update

2023-04-26 | #Geekyness #Maintenance #Site

Things have changed. Or not, if this went poorly It has been a few years since I’ve changed something with this site, and it was time. In early 2016 I switched to Hugo, from Octopress. This was done because Hugo seemed to have a lot of momentum behind it, and boy was it much faster to generate a site. Before that, in 2013 it was from Wordpress to Octopress. This was my first push into a static site vs a big publishing platform that required a bunch of resources I no longer had at my disposal.

Dragging IRIX Into Modern Metrics

2023-04-19 | #Geekyness #IRIX #SGI #Silicon Graphics

I did a fun thing at work. A group of us had run through Prometheus training, and the group coordinator had asked if people could present about new things they had discovered. So, how I learn the absolute best is to tinker. Its not to read, because I’m at a 5th grade reading level, nor is it to listen and watch adult story time because I have a short attention span.