third wish

2010-10-11 | #General

A man awakes to find himself lying by the side of a desolate country road. As he regains his bearings, he discovers that he has no memory of who he is or how he came to be there. As he stumbles about unsure of himself, a genie appears beside him and says “What is your third wish, master?” Confused, the man asks “Who are you and why can’t I remember anything?

silian rail buke and gass efterklang

2010-10-03 | #General #Music

todo Radio Lab had an episode on Buke and Gass dubbed ‘The Loudest Miniature Fuzz’. I was so intrigued by that episode, and the music, that I did some googling. What I found was their tour schedule, so I asked Michele if she would be up for seeing a little indie duo (on a Monday night no less). I think this was the first time I went to a small venue to see a band.

the iranian dream

2010-09-22 | #Movies #Shahuab

I just got an email from one of my Wushu West buddies, Shahaub, and I wanted to plug his short film. Check it out, in HD, on the YouTube: The blurb is this: A Mockumentary about a traditional Iranian man who makes a living for his family in a very non-traditional profession. This short is a commentary on the stereotypes, homophobia and taboo nature of artistic expression in both the West and Middle Eastern cultures.


2010-08-16 | #Family

We went camping with Michele’s family this weekend: View Larger Map We forgot our nice camera, so all the photos were taken with either Droid, or Michele’s Droid. Mostly mine, because I had a full charge that pretty much lasted all 4 days (I charged it in the car for 30 minutes one day). Pretty nice for a smart phone, especially since I was using to take photos , movies play music off of it, I’m in love with the latest Buckethead album I recently purchased.

old photos 1996

2010-08-04 | #General

I was at my parents this weekend, and my Step Dad found it hilarious to look through a large box of old photos. We had a few good laughs and he gave me a few of the to keep for myself. todo My Aussie Buddy wearing the underwear he chewed up todo The humiliation continues… todo Me and Buddy hanging out on the front lawn. I think our manes look alike.

one brand new another squeaky clean

2010-08-02 | #Geekyness

I’ve had a good run with my Zune MP3 player, excellent in fact, and I would highly recommend that player to anyone who was looking for an iTunes alternative. Truthfully, I’d recommend one no matter what, but it is impossible to beat the ubiquitous nature of iTunes and the iPod, like it or not. I’ve had mine for over 2 years, and I only one had a problem where it locked up.


2010-07-27 | #Movies

todo Possibly the best action sci-fi I’ve ever seen. It is not as confusing as say Primer, not as mind-numbingly STUPID as Avatar but filled with great action. I’ve seen a few headlines about the movies plot; how it might be ’too smart’ for the average movie go-er. I think that is insulting to the average person, and I hope that movies like this will retrain the “industry” to continue to make “smart” movies instead of anticipating that the average person is a drooling slack-jawed yokel who is missing a tooth.

muay thai sparring

2010-07-11 | #General

Friday was the first class where I really sparred. It was the first class where I was punched and kicked, repeatedly, in the head. It was about what I expected. It didn’t hurt, and I had a fun time doing it, though there are some lasting effects. I did feel a little out of it for a while, and that was a combination of many things. First off, I got hit pretty hard a few times, and Juan (one of the coaches) gladly landed a well placed kick to my head.

okay dad you win

2010-07-10 | #General

I did sort of thrown down the gauntlet with one of my previous posts. Dad, I no longer doubt that you truly are my biggest fan :) Livermore is probably a tie between myself and Jenny, but mostly me because I might check out a post from work… daily…

shutter island

2010-07-10 | #Movies

todo Michele and I saw this in the theaters when it came out, and I just re-watched it the other night. Both times, I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t think it would hold up to a second viewing, so I’m not even sure why I tried that hypthesis out, boredom I guess. The first, and probably the best, thing this movie has going for it is atmosphere. Between the scenery and almost overbearing score, it oozes a subtle tension.