4th of july in monterey

2010-07-08 | #Caralyne #Family #Owen

Michele and I purposefully did not make any July 4th plans, because we both silently and secretly waited for Steve and Summer to invite us down. We’d mumble back and forth “So, no fireworks in Antioch this year…”, “Yeah, maybe Steve and Summer will invite us down…”. As it got closer to July, there was a possibility that the two of them had other arrangements, and we might have to fend for ourselves!


2010-06-27 | #Movies

todo Time… for a Crime! While I feel the films title is really shallow and hokey, the movie itself really stands on its own. Oh, and this is your subtitle warning: it has them! I felt like I was watching a classic Twilight Zone episode, where an ordinary middle aged man finds himself in a strange and perplexing situation and clumsily adapts to all of it. Clumsy at first, towards the end, or maybe I should say the begining?

my audience

2010-06-26 | #General

I like the check out Google analytics to see how this website is “useful” to the internet. Let me tell you, the internet is not at all interested in how your wonderful author, Mike Carlson, is doing. The internet is interested in how FreeBSD is doing: todo I guess no one Google’s for Mike Carlson… kicks dirt What is even more interesting is that most of my visits come from other countries: Check that out, folks in Barcelona and Moscow check out this site more than my Dad does in Lodi ( come on Dad, I thought you were a fan?

freebsd and multipath

2010-06-24 | #Benchmarking #Featured #FreeBSD #Geekyness #ZFS

I didn’t find any blog posts of discussions on FreeBSD and multipath (for storage) that wasn’t a man page. That means it is up to me to write about it :) Hardware CPU Machine class: amd64 CPU Model: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5530 @ 2.40GHz No. of Cores: 16 Memory Total real memory available: 65511 MB Logically used memory: 3945 MB Logically available memory: 61565 MB Storage The storage is a large ~90TB Enterprise class Fibre Channel array, a Data Direct Networks S2A9900.

stuff and things

2010-06-20 | #Coal #Family #FreeBSD #Geekyness #Owen #Owen #pf

I don’t have a central theme with this post, but I wanted to at least do something (it has been a while). Packet Filter Based on Chris’s “Falling in love with pf(4)” google status, I decided to take the plunge and move off of ipfw(4) to pf(4). I’m not at the point where I could write my one filter, however, I do feel I at least understand what is happening here.

the poisoners handbook

2010-06-05 | #Books

todo I was disappointed to find out this wasn’t a Oreilly “Howto” book… What a great book! There are so many interesting aspects and topics covered here, and not just the big obvious one the title hints at. I heard Deborah Blum talk about her new book on the Scientific America Podcast, which was great and lively, so I put this book on the top of my “Book List” that I keep handy.

valhalla rising

2010-05-25 | #Movies

I haven’t felt the urge to post about movies recently. A lot of that comes from the lack of good movies, ones that might get me excited enough to spend a few minutes and collect my thoughts so this blog doesn’t turn into illegible techie gibberish. Here is one that I sort of liked though. Here is the thing, when commit an entry on this blog about a movie, there are two things that I think about:

creating an audio bootleg from youtube

2010-05-08 | #buckethead #Music

Tools required: The internet A quality *nix OS (FreeBSD in this case) youtube-dl, available in FreeBSD under ports/www/youtube_dl/ ffmpeg, available in FreeBSD under ports/multimedia/ffmpeg/ First thing is first, find a really cool youtube clip. If you dont know of one already, use a Buckethead Song (Volume warning, this clip was mixed “hot”, so turn your speakers down): Watch the drummer (Bryan Mantia) go crazy in the background, pretty intense. Now, use ‘youtube-dl’, which is pretty simple, the main argument it accepts is a URL of the youtube clip in question, and it saves it as a Flash Video file.

mt diablo the quick way

2010-04-25 | #Family #Owen

Caralyne spent the night at a friends house Saturday, so after we dropped her off the three of us drove to the peak of Mount Diablo and hung out for a bit. I got a little queasy on the drive up, and I think Owen did too. Hiking up to the peak was easier in that respect at least : todo Whew, made it to the 1K mark… todo View at 1K

gibson sg work

2010-04-17 | #Geekyness #Music

Last month when I helped my Friend Glenn,who now works at An Olde Town Tattoo Parlour in Monterey, move he was cool enough to lighten his load by giving me a very cool cream and black Gibson SG. The original heavy metal guitar made popular by Toni Iommi and Angus Young. The guitar’s neck was broken at the body, and thankfully someone who knew what they were doing successfully glued it back on.